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Replacement Spring (5 pack)
Our Price: $25.00

Includes 5 springs that will fit into BOT holders. Springs for any BOTmicroscopy.com holders can be removed using tweezers and replaced when bent or damaged.
OctoBOT - 8/1 pin adapter!
Our Price: $165.00

Expands a single pin stub position into 8. For high throughput SEM or FIB! Compatible with all BOTmicroscopy sample holders. Supplied with 1.5mm hex.

The OctoBOT was designed to speed up analysis. Many stage adapters are circular and confusing! Stay oriented with the rectangular shape of the OctoBOT. There's just two simple rows to navigation from sample to sample!
SEM-FIB2 (Horizontal coupon holder)
Our Price: $195.00

Quickly load and unload wafer coupons in the SEM or FIB! You will never want to use adhesives again! These patent pending holders install into standard SEM pin mount holes. All samples mount at the same working distance regardless of thickness; extremely helpful when loading multiple samples at once. Provides a better alternative to tape and adhesives which contaminate the vacuum chamber and drift at high tilt angles.

Purchase with the OctoBOT for maximum throughput.
45 degree wafer holder
Our Price: $195.00

Now you can effortlessly mount wafer coupons at a 45 degree angle!

This is the most popular BOTmicroscopy.com product.
Top down horizontal holder
Our Price: $195.00

The top down holder is a specialized holder designed for samples with rough top surfaces which do not mount flat when the top surface is the holding surface. The horizontal sample holder is recommended for most applications as it only has 0.5 mm of material above the sample allowing for short working distances.
Four wafer cross-section holder (90 degrees)
Our Price: $295.00

This 90 degree holder allows mounting up to four samples in a half inch space. Even with a small chamber a microscopist can mount all of their samples in a single pump cycle. Six sample holders easily fit in most chambers and allow 24 samples to be loaded all at once. Microscope and technician time is too valuable to waste--with just a few uses they pay for themselves.