BOT Research

Electron microscopy is a fast growing scientific field and so too should be our methods. Coming from a high throughput research and consulting facility, I had to find ways to make instruments work harder. Frustrated by the tedium of old style sample holders, tapes, colloidal graphite, and awkward metal clips, I identified sample mounting as a major bottleneck. This was the birth of BOT research and the development of our sample holder.

The patent pending sample holders from BOT research improve throughput, they're reliable and they're easy to use. The philosophy for everything designed for BOT research is to improve function in the most simple way possible. All too often, we find technological improvement through increased complexity and undependable engineering. Let sample mounting be one less thing to worry about.

Sample holders are just the first of many great things to come. Keep your sights to the horizon as BOT research will continue to impress.
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